"Nine Americans die each hour due to air pollution."

-Roy E. McAlister, P.E.

Typical inefficient electrolysis as described by outdated text books, incorrectly limited by Faraday's calculations made in 1833.

In the antiquated process above, it is said the energy input will always be greater than the energy output. Note that the electrode placement is not important in typical electrolysis, and an electrolyte must be used.


Stan Meyer
Stanley Meyer in 1995 showing his patented water fuel cell. In this design, high voltage is used, current consumption is limited and the electrodes are placed very close together. Meyer's method uses standard tap water without any additives. Advanced electronics are used to reach 1700% more efficiency than Faraday's maximum.
Meyer's Cell
In Meyer's cell, multiple 304 stainless tubes are used with one tube inside of the other to form a very close concentric gap of about 1.5mm (.060"). By simply having the tubes in close proximity to each other, the amperage requirement is reduced considerably thereby exceeding Faraday's calculations. This invention is one of many that show the true energy value contained in water


The Fossil Fuel Lie

Updated 03/05/2017

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Most people cannot believe that there are alternative energy and fuel technologies available. The truth is, there has always been alternatives, but the energy companies can't make money on them. Water fuel is one such development that has been around for ages, but has always been supressed, very heavily. The patents have always been bought off, or the inventors threatened or killed. I am going to mention it again, just because it can't be said enough.

There is an alternative to gasoline, diesel, coal, propane, natural gas, nuclear power, even hydroelectric and solar power. It's called water. Yes, water. Ordinary clean drinking water can be converted into a special form of electrically charged hydrogen and oxygen gas called Brown's gas, or HHO. With Brown's gas you can run your car, heat your house, or power an entire city. It has long been possible to create hydrogen "on demand" from an onboard water tank to power your vehicle for hundreds of miles. As of right now, you could literally be filling your car up with water instead of gas. The technology exists, and it has always existed. Before gasoline pumps were even invented, one of the very first engines ever invented ran on hydrogen gas produced from electrolysis. Electrolysis is the electrical process that breaks down water into oxygen and hydrogen.

The energy companies have kept this information a secret through very powerful and smart supression. There are 2 parts to the supression. 1.) Disinformation. They have been teaching people that you can never get more energy out than you put in. Sadly, most people believe this. The people who believe this never test the principle, they just assume that it is true. Why would we assume something won't work when it costs almost nothing to test, and has the potential to save the world? Sadly, if you ask any scientist, auto mechanic or teacher, they will all say the same thing, that it won't work. None of these people have tried it, and really know nothing about water fuel. 2.) Forced supression. If the disinformation will not keep people's curiousity at bay, and if they have a suitable test engine, and time, they may end up figuring out how to run their car engine on water. When this happens there has always been forced supression. Forced supression is just what it sounds like. It includes threats to the inventor or offers to buy all rights to an invention, in order to keep it out of the public domain.

The world is waiting for new technology to save the world. Water fuel is that technology. But the technology isn't new, it has simply been hidden from view.

We are counting on the experts to help us save money and reduce pollution. Well that isn't going to happen. Unfortunately the experts are the same people who work for the the large corporations, the same corporations who have destroyed our planet for the last 100 years. The energy companies are absolutely not going to help us! They are going to keep raising prices, and keep creating the same gas guzzling cars and coal powered electrical generators for as long as they can.

So long as people continue to be in the dark about water fuel, and other technologies, the energy companies are going to keep stealing our money. They are smart. They know what they are doing.

Believe it or not, it isn't just the oil companies who are stealing our money with high fuel prices. The car companies keep producing fuel wasting vehicles. Fuel economy stays very poor considering the new technology that is available. From the 1960's all the way up to about 2006, the average gas mileage of vehicles went slightly down! This was according to the governmnent's own test data, and is available on a government website if you would like to take a look. Yes, the gas mileage went down over a 40 year time period. How can this be? This is such an obvious conspiracy that it would take an absolute fool not to see it. Fuel injection, computers, better engines, better spark plugs, better alloys, better engine control methods, and still fuel economy goes down? How is that possible? Today's fuel economy (MPG) on new cars is still unaccpetable. The people of the world are being ripped off. We are being given a raw deal on our fuel prices, and on the cars we buy.

What is most unsettling about all of this is that nobody cares. People seem to enjoy paying for fuel that we don't even need. When the subject of water fuel is brought up to people, they seem completely uninterested. If you bring up the subject to a teacher they will just get upset and tell you that it isn't even possible, although they really know nothing about Brown's gas, which is not normal hydrogen!

People who live here on Earth do not care about one of the most important issues that has ever existed in our known history. We can eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and power the world on water, and people don't even want to talk about the issue? With the extreme apathy in individuals, we cannot place all of the blame on the oil companies. People need to start talking about water fuel, and other alternative energy technologies, otherwise the war will be lost. I suggest that you share this website, and all other related websites, and videos, and try to spread the word. To get water fuel visible to the masses, it has to reach the masses, and the only way to do that is by a grassroots effort by people like ourselves.

Every car manufacturer today could design a car to run on water. You could simply add some water to your fuel tank and drive away. The exhaust emissions would be absolutely pure. The by-product of HHO (Brown's gas) combustion is water. You start out with water, split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, then when it burns, it converts back into water. But when you burn Brown's gas (HHO produced from the electrolysis of clean pure water without an excessive amount of chemicals) something occurs during the burning process that draws in energy from the surrounding environment. Hydrogen and oxygen gas that is not produced from electrolysis does not carry the same electrical charge, and it is not Brown's gas. Many people misundertstand this very important concept. If you burn gas from a compressed cylinder that you purchse from a bulk gas supplier, it does not draw in additional energy from the ambient zero point field around us. This is why the theory that you "cannot get more out than you put in" is completely wrong. It ignores the proven aspects of Brown's gas. Yull Brown proved that Brown's gas has properties which are much different than regular non-electrically charged gases.

The electrolysis process is the key to this whole thing. Electrolysis produces electrically charged HHO gas, which is Brown's gas. You cannot buy a container filled with hydrogen gas and mix it with oxygen to create Brown's gas. To make Brown's gas, which contains many more units of energy per volume than standard hyrogen and oxygen gas, you must produce it using electrolysis. The electrolysis process is what is responsible for creating Brown's gas. Brown's gas can power a car engine easily, on such small amounts of gas that there is no storage tank needed, whereas normal hydrogen is not as powerful, and you will need a very large volume of gas to be stored in containers aboard the vehicle, which is not practical.

If you ever notice, the car companies do produce hydrogen powered concept vehicles, but they never use electrolysis to produce the hydrogen, they always store it in expensive carbon fiber tanks. By doing this, they avoid the entire issue of Brown's gas. You cannot make Brown's gas from using a compressed cylinder of hydrogen gas. Compressed hydrogen is just a normal flammable gas, it doesn't have any unusual characteristics. To get Brown's gas you need to produce gas using electrolysis. Brown's gas, because of it's strong electrical charge, is a form of zero point energy. It draws in a surplus of energy from the zero point field when it burns. Normal hydrogen gas is not a form of zero point energy, and that's why the major corporations never show you anything that has electrolysis, not even HHO welders. They avoid electrolysis devices at all costs because it might reveal the existence of zero point energy. Zero point energy devices are overunity, meaning you will be able to get more out than you put in. This is not magic, it is simply the process of collecting energy from the zero point energy field, which is electrical in nature. (Another way to collect zero point energy is to use a radiant charger.)

To make Brown's gas you will need a water fuel cell with electrolysis plates, and a special DC power supply to generate the gas. You cannot generate this gas properly with AC, because it can cancel the electrical charge. Not all water fuel cells will generate Brown's gas. You have to find a way to create the strongest electrical charge possible on the water, otherwise the gas produced will only contain about 12% Brown's gas.

A variation of Brown's gas is produced by the Joe cell. The Joe cell releases subatomic particles, called protons, which are actually hydrogen atoms that have been stripped of an electron, otherwise known as H+ ions, these particles act similarly to Brown's gas, but are able to saturate porous metals like aluminum and cast iron. A Joe cell is so efficient that it can operate an engine completely without gasoline, and without any significant current going to the Joe cell. The Joe cell also makes a very good "booster" to assist in fuel economy.

When you do produce 100% Brown's gas, you can power you car on a tiny fraction of the gas. Your engine can be run on very small amount of Brown's gas, because when it combusts, it draws in additional energy from the ambient environment. When you ignite Brown's gas inside an engine using a high voltage spark, while it is compressed, it creates far more power than mainstream science can explain. It is because mainstream science has intentionally ignored the existence of Brown's gas.

Water fuel is as real as it gets. It is NOT a myth. The only myth is the idea that we need fossil fuels to create energy. The scam also says that we cannot survive without fossil fuels, that when we run low on fossil fuels, our industries will stop, and the cars will stop too. That is not true. We have plenty of alternatives. There is absolutely no need for fossil fuels. We haven't needed them for at least 60 years. People have been building cars that run on water since the first day of the internal combustion engine.. This is the truth that has been hidden from us. Please start sharing the truth with your friends and family. The Earth needs our help with this issue.

More Information about Water Fuel


Water in its natural form is not flammable. However it does contain hydrogen and oxygen. If you can release the hydrogen and oxygen, then the gases are extremely flammable. Brown's gas is HHO gas that has an electrical charge on it. The electrical charge will change the flammability, making the gas far more powerful than ordinary hydrogen gas. Brown's gas taps into the zero point energy field, when it is combusted, it draws in energy, so it is possible to get far more energy out than you put in. This has been proven in controlled laboratory conditions, although you won't hear about it in the newspaper or on CNN.

Hydrogen can be made from tap water, sea water or rain water, anywhere in the world. The fuel of the future is not ethanol, natural gas, or vegetable oil, it is water.

Another aspect of water is that it is an electrical fluid. Water can be used to create negative electricity, known as radiant energy. You will need to charge the water for several days using 316L stainless plates, and a radiant charger. Then aftter the water has been charged, it will begin drawing in, and converting the ambient zero point energy into a useable form of radiant energy. The energy is transfered through the water into the stainless steel plates where you can collect it, and convert it into useable current. Why this happens is not clear, but Joe in Austrailia, Stanley Meyer and Bob Boyce have all found that you can produce electricity from a water fuel cell. Joe in Australia said he could power an entire house from electrically charged water from a small water fuel cell.




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