The Joe Cell

A Joe cell is a regular electrolysis cell with a twist. Instead of making HHO gas, the Joe cell uses conditioned water that emits protons. While many theories abound about how a Joe cell is an orgone device, that is not what makes a Joe cell work. A Joe cell releases protons. Hydrogen ions, which are isolated and stripped of an electron, are known as protons. Protons have the unique effect of being able to pass through solid metal. In welding, it is called "hydrogen embrittlement." On a vehicle, it is called "running on a Joe cell."

Unlike a normal HHO cell, no visible water is consumed, and no appreciable current is needed with a properly functioning Joe cell.

The effect sounds too good to be true, but I tested a Joe cell myself over the last 6 months, in shandy mode, as a fuel booster. I spent about 6 years researching before I began my tests. The tests were so outstanding that I removed the cell, and decided to compile an eBook about all that I had learned and witnessed. I no longer have a Joe cell on my vehicle. I do not want to draw unnecessary attention to myself by having a cell fitted to my own personal vehicle. Instead I am focusing my energy on sharing what I have learned, so that others can replicate my success.



Stage 3 Joe Cell - On Engine

Joe cell mounted on test engine. See eBook for information on how to make and install a joe cell.



The Ritalie Cell - Smaller than typical Joe cell. Uses proper configuration of electrodes. See my Joe cell instructions.



Some interesting "claimed" anomalies regarding a Joe cell, when installed on a vehicle engine:

(Note: These effects do not occur when using a Joe cell in "shandy" mode, as a fuel booster.)

1.) According to Stephen Jones, a Physicist, Joe cell's produce an "implosion" reaction, effectively sucking the piston up. After the first implosion reaction, there is a normal explosion, which then pushes down on the piston. The implosion reaction eliminates the normal pumping losses of the engine, by nullifying the compression stroke. Not only do you remove pumping losses, but you also get two explosions per spark! First the implosion, then the explosion.

2.) People who have run the Joe Cell claim at least double or triple the power output of the engine. Joe reports a story where an engine had so much power that a dragster with a Joe cell fitted, actually broke a world record, going 4.70 seconds in the 1/4 mile back in the 90's. The dragster was nearly silent when it passed, it was captured on video tape, but the car was immediately taken away by government officials.

3.) Because the Joe cell energy creates an implosion reaction after the spark plug sparks, you have to radically change your ignition timing if you are planning on running the engine entirely from a cell without gasoline, setting it to about 70 degrees BDTC (before top dead center). This is called "70 degrees advanced" otherwise the engine won't run properly on the Joe cell, unless you are just using the Joe cell as a booster, in which case no changes to the engine are required. I tell you how to do this in my eBook. Joe Cell Secrets

4.) The initial implosion reaction keeps the engine very cool, because it is an endothermic (implosion) reaction, not an exothermic (explosive) reaction. An engine running entirely from a Joe cell can run so cool that it will actually be colder than ambient.

5.) Joe Cells can run the engine without any other fuel source. No gaseous hydrogen or gasoline fuel is needed, and the Joe cell requires no appreciable electrical current to operate once charged. The downside is that nobody will believe you. And you can't talk about this once it works, because you'll create a lot of enemies. (Be careful.)

6.) People claim that the Joe cell has a very strong anti-inertia effect on the engine and vehicle, creating odd anomalies. On a fully conditioned Joe cell powered engine, they say it can be revved to 18,000 rpm without self-destruction. Others say their vehicle surges ahead with so much power that it is scary. The only way you could revv a standard car engine to 18,000 rpm without it throwing a connecting rod, or breaking a crankshaft, would be if you somehow altered the mass of the metal inside the engine, canceling the inertia of the spinning parts. I've never seen any of these effects myself, but very serious level headed people have all agreed that a Joe cell powered engine is far more powerful, has an incredibly high RPM limit, and can be operated without any cooling system. A Joe cell would be ideal for any racing situations, if you could somehow avoid being noticed. You could run forever without stopping for fuel, and your engine would run cool. It would be ideal.

7.) The Joe cell needs no current to operate, although it does require a sustained voltage of 1.0 volt or more, either self-generated, or supplied by an external means. I cover this more in my eBook. However the water needs to be in the correct alignment or the cell will not function properly.





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