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Ritalie Sharp Switcher V1.0

Wanting to help people with a non computerized, non timer based circuit, I created this new circuit.

A principle used in this circuit involves converting the smooth analog waves, into very sharp, digital pulses. Sharp switching creates radiant energy. The sharper the switching, the cooler a given circuit can run, and the less heat sinks you need.

This circuit runs so cool that the primary transistor only runs at approximately 80 degrees F, just above ambient. This circuit uses 12 volts, and 1.5 amps of power, to put out 650 volts of radiant energy, which is almost entirely devoid of current.

You can put a load on the output and it will only put out a very small current, but it releases a very high output voltage. The output voltage can be used to charge any type of lead acid battery, from 6 volts, or higher.

The transistor is an automotive grade, special, voltage protected transistor, which is the most durable transistor available. It is protected against over voltage, and is designed for use in automotive ignition systems.

It can be run without any worry of ESD damage or over voltage damage, it has internal "zener diode" protections, built in, and it will not allow any voltage beyond 350 volts, when the circuit is running in an unloaded state.

However, you do not want to run the circuit without a load on it for long periods of time, you should always try to have a battery being charged, or you can use this circuit to power a fluorescent light, a capacitor, or some other special application. But the circuit is designed for use as a Radiant Battery Charger.

The beauty of this circuit is that it uses an off the shelf HVAC transformer, which can be had for $20 on eBay or found free on old HVAC equipment.

You can also use any 12 volt transformer that has similar specifications, which is shown in the diagram. I've posted the initial draft, hand drawn, circuit diagram for this circuit, for free. See link below.

If you would like more information on Radiant Chargers and other photos and circuit diagrams, you can purchase the entire eBook called "How to Build a Radiant Charger" which also includes the "Sharp Switcher V1.0" circuit. I have included more photos of the project, and I show how I soldered the parts together, to make the circuit. I also give more information about how to use a radiant charger, and what to expect.

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I am planning on releasing another very cool free circuit very soon.

Thanks so much!

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