Joe Cell Secrets - How to Build a Working Joe Cell - [eBook]

The Joe cell works!

After dozens of tests over a period of years, I came up with a working Joe Cell process that is very simple.

This guide contains instructions on how to build and use a Joe Cell. It contains specific key details on making the "charged" water and setting up the cell correctly. Without these key details, a Joe Cell cannot work. This is a very important guide.

The Joe Cell isn't an HHO booster. A real Joe Cell uses a blind fitting, nearly zero amps to the cell, and clean water without electrolyte.

If used as a simple "booster" the Joe Cell requires no modifications to your engine at all. It works excellent on my 1995 Toyota Tercel with a stock fuel injected engine, giving a large boost in fuel economy. I am getting 10 mpg (miles per gallon) or 16 kmg (kilometers per gallon) more than stock, with no modifications of any kind to the engine, fuel system, computer, or oxygen sensor.

I realize that some of this information might sound too good to be true. And I also realize that scam artists have managed to nearly ruin the Joe Cell information by selling fake Joe Cells, and giving out bad information. That really bothers me.

I'm happy to provide support and answer questions anytime. Please email me any time you want by clicking the "contact us" link on the left side of this page.

I can honestly say, nobody has ever asked for a refund for this material!

Despite the Joe Cell using nearly zero amps, you'll notice a change in the operation of your engine as soon as the cell is fitted.


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There is a way to install the Joe cell onto any vehicle without modifications, including the new fuel injected cars. I developed an easy method to do so, using inexpensive parts. Once installed using this method, the Joe cell becomes a maintenance free "fuel booster" to help fuel economy. This information is included in the Joe Cell Secrets download.


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eBook updated: 02/28/2016

Disclaimer: The Joe Cell can be used as a fuel booster, and should only be used as a fuel booster. Using the Joe Cell as a stand alone device is not recommended due to the political climate of present day Earth. Experiment at your own risk.


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