Bob Beck High Voltage Magnetic Pulser - Blank PCB Board

Bob Beck invented this type of magnetic therapy. It is not the same as normal magnetic therapy. It's a very powerful, high energy pulsed magnetic therapy. A copper coil pulses in regular intervals, with high intensity. I'd suggest watching his videos for more information.

This is an example of how you can mount the circuit board, and make a pulser. This is a project I have been working on, but didn't finish. I wanted to provide this photo as an example, but you can use the circuit board any way that you'd like. The copper coil is connected via 16awg wires, but not shown in the photo.

This is a circuit that I designed using the very well established LM311 timer chip, and an extremely heavy duty circuit board and SCR. The SCR (like a high power transistor) discharges 450 volts from 3 capacitors into a copper coil, for the purpose of Bob Beck therapy. Bob Beck has videos about this.

You could use this circuit as a solenoid driver, to power a high output coil, or anything that requires a sudden burst of 450 volts from the 660uf capacitors.

The purpose of this circuit is, it connects to any high voltage generator, and it controls the generator and it automatically charges and then discharges when the capacitors reach their 450 volt limit.

You can adjust the voltage, so it goes down to any voltage you'd like, from 50 volts to 450 volts. And you can use any type of source for the high voltage, as long as the device can be activated or powered with a 12 volt signal. In my case, I use a $12 "high voltage boost converter" from eBay, there are two different models, the model with the aluminum housing puts out about 100 more volts than the one that is smaller without the aluminum housing, but either one will work.

You can search eBay for "boost converter 450 volts." They run on 12 volts. The 12 volts needs to be supplied by you, from a battery or other power source, then the Bob Beck style controller charges and then discharges the capacitors. You can adjust how quickly it pulses, and how much power output you want, with the two adjustments, for time and voltage rating.

You could also use this circuit to control a "Bedini SSG" type motor, and then use the output from the SSG to charge these capacitors, then dump the capacitors into a battery at regular intervals. I have tested it, and it does work fine doing that, although I haven't done a lot of experiments with it, as a battery charger.

This circuit senses the voltage in the capacitors, and it will only discharge when the voltage is sufficiently high in the capacitors. It automatically discharges every-time the capacitors charge up, with an adjustable delay in between each pulse, which you can adjust, up to 15 seconds. At it's fastest setting, it pulses every 1 or 2 seconds, but it will require a cooling fan on the capacitors if using it at the fastest setting for a long time.

This circuit board will come with a parts list, and all the spaces are numbered, so you can just order parts and solder them on yourself. The type of parts are not critical, you can use a variety of parts, but I'll provide the exact part number, and the exact resistor values that I've used in designing this.

This circuit has a unique safety feature, where it automatically fires the coil and drains the capacitors when you unhook the power, so it can't be put away with "half charged" capacitors. This is a special feature which is important, because the capacitors can charge up to 450 volts.

You will need 1.) Transistor 2.) 2 Mosfets 3.) 1 SCR 4.) Capacitors and resistors. 5.) Heat sinks (specifications and links to exact heat sink will be provided on parts list). 6.) Terminal block (specifications will be provided, and an exact part number). 7.) A 12 volt power supply, preferably 10 amps or 12 amps or a battery. The circuit can be slightly modified with a small capacitor and diode to work with an 8 amp power supply (these are available for $25 on Amazon). 8.) A copper coil (if using magnetic therapy or coil driver). 9.) A small high voltage boost converter or Bedini SSG "flyback voltage" generator or motor. 10.) LM311 chip ($2.50). 11.) Soldering iron, 60/40 rosin solder, flush cut wire cutters.

Note: You should always wear an anti-static strap when working with small electrical components, they only cost about $5.00 on eBay, and they connect your body to any grounded service in your home. Look up "Ground wrist strap."

There are two options, I have a smaller 2 capacitor model (green color) (440uf) or a 3 capacitor model (660uf) which is black.

This listing is for the Black "V3 Pulser rev. 3.0" triple capacitor model with yellow text on a black PCB.

It comes with a material "BOM bill of materials" sheet. I would be happy to also email you all the direct product links to each of the parts you'll need, if you have trouble finding them online.

I don't have the other parts for sale yet, but I'll work on providing those. All the parts to complete this can be purchased from eBay, Amazon, and DigiKey or Mouser.

Blank PCB Board Only. Triple capacitor, 450 volt, 660uF magnetic pulser with heavy duty, thick copper traces and thick silicon board. Solder pads on bottom, for external adjustment knobs if desired.

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