How to Build a Radiant Battery Charger - eBook File

How to build a radiant charger. Contains 2 eBooks with 5 circuits, including the special "auto tune" self resonating, solid state circuit which is a genuine over-unity circuit. It also includes instructions for the HHO Pulse Charger 2.0 circuit that uses household parts.

Also includes a new 100% adjustable frequency circuit that can be added on to any existing charger! This latest charger is extremely cheap to build, and extremely durable, it will not burn up, even if you abuse it.

Also includes the "self resonant" charging circuit instructions. This circuit finds the absolute perfect frequency of your water fuel cell or battery, and adjusts continuously depending upon the condition of the water or battery that you are charging. It is one of the only HHO pulse circuits that automatically finds the resonant frequency of a given WFC (water fuel cell).

-Radiant battery chargers can fix dead batteries that have been used beyond their service life. They are the only type of charger that can do this. They are not the same as conventional chargers and require special construction.

-In these instructions, you will see how to build a self resonating charger with no moving parts. These plans are for a solid state device, not a motor with a wheel. The size can be scaled up to fit your demands.

-Included are plans for a type of radiant charger that requires no soldering, and uses off the shelf automotive parts. No electronics experience is necessary. You cannot find this circuit diagram anywhere else, or an explanation of it. For those of you who are into advanced electronics, you will also get some of the more advanced circuits. There are 5 main circuits that are discussed with pictures of each.

-This charger can be used for high voltage electrolysis, Stanley Meyer style, or it can be used to charge a Joe cell. It is particularly good for studying the effects of charging water with pure voltage, and no current. This particular charger produces a large amount of radiant energy at high frequencies, something than cannot be done with a mechanical generator, battery or DC power supply.

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